Since the beginning of the dothat, we have been guided by the idea of creating products tailored to individual needs. In the advertising gifts industry, we have noticed a niche in the form of creating truly personalized advertising gadgets, both in terms of marking and the shape itself, low-volume production entirely produced in Poland and sold in low volumes. Dothat is a response to the needs of customers who are looking for a product that nobody else has

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Personalization options in 3D Printing Technology and resin usage

Our vision for full personalization of advertising gadgets could be realized only thanks to the special tools and methods. In dothat we are using an innovative high precision 3D printing technology powered by epoxy resin as the material from which our products are made. We do not use dies or frames, which means that we can experiment with creating new spatial forms for each product and create gadgets that have not been offered by us so far.

How do we work?

1. We need your vision for the product, based on which we will prepare a visualization of your product.
2. After project approval, we create a prototype.
3. Once the prototype turns out perfectly, we start production!

The material that forms the basis of all our gadgets is a light-curing resin with increased flexibility. These special properties of resin allow forming products in any shape and size during the production process. Its subsequent hardening gives our products great durability, which positively affects the quality of the gadgets we offer.

Send a project

The client sends his idea in the form of any sketch, graphics, photos or description. We develop an eco-pot project in accordance with the client's vision.

Fixing the details

Based on drawings, we create 3D visualizations. We determine which elements of ekonewka will be spatial and which will be in the form of an overprint. At this stage, we create the first physical prototype.

Final version

After selecting the colors, refining the texture, and marking, the final version of the customer's ekonewka is produced. After approval, the entire order is processed and shipped to the indicated address.

What elements can we personalize?

The ability to adjust the shape of the product to your preferences is not the only personalization option in dothat. Creating unique projects of advertising gadgets, we care about the smallest details, the appearance of which depends on the client's idea.


At dothat, you can customize the shape of products according to your vision. Choose a flat shape with a print or three-dimensional forms in a single color. You also have the option to select a ready-made gadget pattern from our offer and customize its color, texture, and branding.


The technology of full-color 3D printing enables the creation of products with intense colors. This applies to both the colors of the product base itself and the colors of the prints on our product. We have the ability to make a product with precise tonal transitions. In addition, our offer also includes transparent products. The resin used to make your product can be both transparent and have a specific color.


We use the spatial texturing technique, thanks to which dothat’s products can have a unique texture, e.g. of wood, stone, concrete, and denim. It can be any pattern.

Each applied texture is convex and in combination with an intense color gives an amazing effect of the real ground. What's more, the high resistance of the resin to hot water and abrasion makes the texture stay on the product very well.


Each of our products can be printed with a chosen pattern and precise tonal color transitions. We place this type of print on the flat surfaces of gadgets - it is the perfect place to show your logo, slogan, or website address.

Every one of dothat products has characteristic marking places, adapted to their shape and size. In addition, in the case of products such as ekonewka or magnetic keyrings, we can mark the high sides of the gadget with raised inscriptions.


The finish applies to the colored print of the product, which can be both glossy and matte. You can mix both variants by choosing, for example, a matte print and glossy inscriptions, or oppositely. Giving a glossy and matte finish helps bring out the depth of the applied texture.

Drink Markers - an example of full product personalization

The process of customizing the appearance and shape of your product always follows the same sequence of stages. We design and produce from general to specific - initially, we develop the shape and color, and then we move on to specify the marking, texture, and finish.

The entire process of work on the project is perfectly illustrated by the following graphic of the process of designing the markers for drinks. It is a product that we have developed in several shapes - a flower, a heart, a star.

Despite that and we have the ability to create new forms, adapted to your guidelines. We can label the drink markets on both sides, and on each side, we can put an overprint in different colors and textures, and alternately specify matte and glossy elements.

How to order a product in dothat?

If you have an idea for a personalized dothat product, we are ready to bring it to life! All you have to do is contact us at biuro@dothat.pl and describe your order. You can attach illustrative photos, graphics, or even a sketch to better present your expectations to us.

Our experienced design team will be happy to provide you with support and advice on the appearance of your gadget. We will present our proposals on visualizations so that you can see fully how your product will look, and also check whether it meets your expectations.

We are here to help you create the perfect, personalized advertising gadget. Contact us today and start your journey with dothat products!

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