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Raise a toast to wine bottle stopper

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Raise a toast to wine bottle stopper


We are a Polish brand dedicated to the production of advertising gadgets made with the innovative technology of full-color 3D printing - we create customized solutions that have not been available before.


At first, there was chaos...

From this chaos, your final product will be created! Drawings, sketches, descriptions and lots of arrows....

This is what the real design process looks like!


Next step...

Our specialists will make your project take shape and become a 3D model ready to prepare a prototype - only after its approval do we move on!



Your finished product will reach you faster than you think! Due to Polish production, you no longer have to wait several weeks for your order to be processed.

An idea
from space?

These are the ones we like best!

You don't have to worry about technical drawings and 3D models, small print run or long waiting time - when you choose dothat, you choose comprehensive service and transparency throughout the ordering process!

Pick us!

Find out why you should
choose dothat

Quick production

We are a Polish company, with Polish production, so you don't have to wait for materials or finished products to be shipped from China.

Developing your product should take us no longer than a standard trip to the moon.

Interesting fact: The average rocket gets to the moon in 3 days - about how long it will take us to develop your product!

Low-volume production posibility

With a small budget, you can expand your product range or create a unique advertising gadget.

When you choose dothat, you don't have to worry about having to order large quantities - order as many as you need!

High quality materials and printing

The intensity of the colors, the ability to give a tactile texture and the ability to withstand weather, abrasion and mechanical damage.

Sounds amazing doesn't it?

Perfection in detail

Proprietary printing technology enables the creation of products with high precision.

We check the quality of every print under a magnifying glass!

Already have an idea
for your unique project?

Send it to us and we will make it happen!

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Psst... Don't have a concept yet?
Don't worry, we will be happy to help you!

Write to us biuro@dothat.pl

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