Lanyard clip

Customised lanyard clip now available at dothat! Tailor the clip to your brand or industry by giving it a texture and any colours you like! Design your strap graphic with us - you could have something no one else has.

Button caps

Buttons are not only part of the closure, they also have a decorative function. Choose button caps in an individual shape, with your logo or other graphics. The caps can be clipped onto the shirt at any time and removed after the event without risking damage to the shirt.


Make use of a plastic bottle and turn it into a watering can! This is a bottle cap for watering flowers - thanks to the universal thread, it fits almost any bottle!

Shoelace charms

Create lace charms exactly the way you want them! Sneaker add-ons are a great idea to transform and revitalize your business - any color and shape, the possibility to use tonal transitions and give any texture.

Personalized pen

Pen with personalized cap on a chain. Thanks to our technology you can give it any shape, color and texture you want. The cap is equipped with a magnet that attaches to the metal part of the pen.

Crocs pins

Colorful pins to add character and variety to any Crocs! Great for cosmetic, medical and fans of comfortable footwear.

Magnetic key ring

A non-standard solution for novelty seekers among gadgets - a key ring and a magnet in one! The pendant consists of two parts - one of them has a chain for attaching keys, the other is a classic magnet - you can attach both elements to any metal surface.

Calendar overlay

Personalizing calendars has never been so easy! Choose overlays that clip directly onto the rubber bands of calendars and notebooks. It's an easy and fast way to branding classic gadgets.

Advertising pins

Lightweight and durable pins are a great alternative to classic pins. Ideal as an advertising gadget for trade fairs or conferences, but also as an accessory for caps, kidney-shaped bags or other fabric advertising products.


Enter another dimension of clothes personalisation! Make up your buttons in the size, shape and colour you specify. Stand out not only at events but also at business meetings.

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