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Raise a toast to wine bottle stopper

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Raise a toast to wine bottle stopper

Bottle tags

Personalized bottle tags - perfect for wine bottles and other spirits. You can match the shape and color of the bottle tag to your brand and attach it to the bottles. The bottle tag can also be a decoration of wedding decorations decorated with the names of the bride and groom.

Technical specifications

The dimensions of your pin depend on the design and its complexity. For example, we have prepared a bottle tag in a leaf shape with dimensions of 76x31x4 mm.

  • Material: light-curing resin with increased flexibility
  • Production: 100% Made in Poland
  • Minimum order quantity: 100 pcs.
  • Packaging: individually in bags or collectively

Product customization

At dothat, we love creating fully personalized gadgets. You can describe your vision to us or choose a pre-made design, and we will create a visualization of your gadget.

Send a project

The client sends his idea in the form of any sketch, graphics, photos or description. We develop a bottle tags project in accordance with the client's vision.

Fixing the details

Based on drawings, we create 3D visualizations.

We determine which elements of bottle tags will be spatial and which will be in the form of an overprint. At this stage, we create the first physical prototype.

Final version

After selecting the colors, refining the texture, and marking, the final version of the customer's bottle tags is produced.

After approval, the entire order is processed and shipped to the indicated address.


What are the personalization options?


You can freely customize the shape of the pins according to your vision and needs or choose a ready-made pattern.


The technology of full-color 3D printing enables the creation of products with intense colors. This applies to both the colors of the product base itself and the colors of the prints on the bottle tags. We have the ability to make a product with precise tonal transitions.

In addition, our offer also includes transparent products. The resin used to make your pins can be both transparent and have a specific color.


We use the spatial texturing technique, thanks to which dothat products can have a unique texture, e.g. of wood, stone, concrete, and denim. It can be any pattern.

Each applied texture is convex and in combination with an intense color gives an amazing effect of the real ground. What's more, the high resistance of the resin to hot water and abrasion makes the texture stay on the product very well.


Depending on the project, bottle tags can be flat or slightly thicker, so in addition to double-sided marking, depending on the design, the bottle tags can be marked in many different ways.


The finish applies to the colored print of the pin, which can be both glossy and matte.

You can mix both variants by choosing, for example, a matte print and glossy inscriptions, or oppositely. Giving a glossy and matte finish helps bring out the depth of the applied texture.


Bottle tags are a stylish accessory that can be additionally designed by us with a dedicated fixing

The bottle tags can also be fixed on lacquer seals which are attached to the bottle head. The color of the string of seals can be white or black. Attaching to the bottle consists in clicking one part of the string into the hole in the second part of the string.

Do you have an idea for your bottle tags already?

Write to us, and we will send you an offer with details about your product.

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  • Seal on a black string
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